The Seaview Historical Preservation Society (SHiPS) is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations are tax deductible. We are registered with the IRS and the State of Washington non-profit and charitable organizations.  

SHiPS core mission is to preserve, promote, and to assist the historic coastal village of Seaview. SHiPS is operated for literary and educational purposes that support the research, collection, preservation, discovery, restoration, and dissemination of the local history of Seaview. 


SHiPS is the overseeing organization for the Seaview Sign. Members of SHiPS will be invited to participate in Seaview Sign design review. We are planning a meeting for early October - date to be announced. 

Are you interested in learning about and preserving the historical community of Seaview? If you are, you should become a member of SHiPS. We hold regular meetings on many topics related to the history of Seaview. 

We are working to provide online payment for SHiPS membership. In the meantime, please send us the information on the form, along with a check. Thank you!